Super League Triathlon revolutionised the world of swim-bike-run and decided to innovate again when COVID-19 led to a wipeout of the triathlon calendar. A crossover into the world of eSports followed, with athletes riding their own bikes on static trainers at home and racing via online virtual reality platform Zwift.
Completed in just ten days, as SLT sought to capitalise on the hunger for sport from viewers confined to their homes during lockdown, we created an off-shoot from our existing brand representing the innovative nature of the series, referencing elements of its core - intense, aspirational, professional.
The result was a highly effective branding campaign that gained Super League Triathlon worldwide media attention and crucially kept an existing audience engaged with the brand at a time when other event organisers went into hibernation. 
Instagram story impressions in the eRace series was 2745% (1.68m) higher than a previous race series campaign. Most viewed YouTube race in the eRace series was 158% higher than a previous race series campaign. Average over 30 second views on Facebook in the eRace series was 168% higher than a previous race series campaign.
|  Concept & Creative: SLT Internal  |  Live Stream Production: Curiosity360 Productions  |  Live Race Facilitator: ZWIFT  |  Creative Director: Mark Garratt  |  Music:  |
Assets were created for multiple applications across live stream, social, website and cross platform partners.
A series of four commercials was created to promote other aspects of the SLT business which were inserted into various points of the live race stream.
A snapshot of the Super League Triathlon instagram page during the series campaign.
Highlights of each race were cut the next day for viewers unable to watch the live race.
A series of content looking at the featured athletes "pain caves" was created to further promote the races and the athletes who were competing.

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